Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interesting Facts about Renewable Energy

Here are some facts about renewable energy that you shouldn't miss...

Ilocos Wind Farm1. The use of wind power started since 7th century. People used the windmills to pump water and to grind grain. And the first modern wind turbine was built in the early 1940’s in Vermont while the first of its kind wind turbine in Southeast Asia now stands in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Today, the largest wind turbine in the world is located in Hawaii which stands 20 stories tall.

2. In United States, almost half of renewable energy derives from biomass sources like paper and wood products. The biomass energy from landfills and dairy farms is being used mainly in Iowa and Wisconsin to produce electricity. Moreover, extracting biomass is actually an ancient practice just to provide heat and light with the early people. But today, biomass is now used by large scale facilities to produce power and heat energy.

3. As far back as 1447, Da Vinci predicted a solar industrialization which is now happening. The demand now for solar energy worldwide is higher than the supply available. Actually in third world countries like the Philippines, which has abundance of sunlight about 16% of all families has no electricity.

4. Aside from solar energy, hydro energy is also commonly used renewable energy resource. It provides power enough to meet the needs of 28.3 million people. The first United States hydroelectric power plant was opened in Fox River last September 1882.

5. In 1903, Italy was the first to use geothermal energy to produce electricity. Geothermal Energy is said to be the greatest natural energy source however it is difficult to find placement for geothermal power stations. In U.S. with over 40 power plants, their geothermal power plant produces more output than the majority put together.

If you know other interesting facts about renewable energy, include yours below. Happy reading!

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