Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Global Solution for Global Warming

We cannot change the reality, global warming is a global concern that requires a global solution. Although we do individual actions such as recycling, still it’s not the ultimate solution. Global warming also requires the action of every government.
It takes both individual actions and government legislation to save our planet from devastation brought by global warming. If there’s a way of enacting the laws to provide the needs of a growing world of 6.3 billion people, there must be a way to reduce every nation’s consumption of energy and further emission of greenhouse gases. Governments simply need to consider taking actions seriously about this global problem. Why not end the selfish reasons of globalization and act collectively as one nation, one world? We are no longer talking about conflicts on resources here or economic development but our lives. We urgently need to restore and maintain the balance between ourselves and our planet earth before the problem of global warming gets worse.

The ending question for everyone: Are you ready to participate in solving global warming and make a big difference?

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