Thursday, November 25, 2010

Environmentalists to P-Noy: End the Coal Burning in the Philippines

Environmentalists urge Pres.Aquino's administration to make immediate resolution on stopping the power coal plants in the country. The fact remains that coal burning causes adverse effects to our environment and human health. Some of the problems brought by coal burning include smog, acid rain, global warming and air pollution. Moreover, the dangers of coal burning have gone too far by affecting the public health of many Filipinos particularly in the areas where coal-fired power plants are located. Only recently, some residents in Barangay Ingore La Paz, Iloilo have been hospitalized after inhaling fumes from the plant.

Good thing many organizations are now supporting the house resolution filed regarding the moratorium on the construction of new coal-fired power plants in the country. The said resolution is a response to Aquino administration’s push for coal power plants. Administration of Pres. Aquino has allowed another two new coal power plants in Iloilo city and Cebu province which are about to operate early next year not to mention the commitment to foreign and local energy companies to construct four coal power plants in the country.

Recently, delegates of MalacaƱang visited Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation (SBSC) and True Green Energy Group (TGEG) offices. The visit was an invitation from SBSC and TGEG to introduce the revolutionary technology on waste management and renewable energy generation to Pres. Aquino administration. SBSC introduced the biosphere technology, a waste to energy system which is confirmed to be renewable energy source based on the American Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Philippine Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513). Hopefully this would be the start of Aquino's administration on making true changes in country's problems on energy and waste management.


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  1. Hopefully they have success in creating change. Everyone knows coal is not environmentally friendly and no know should have to live by it.