Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tree Planting as an Environment Protection

Trees have been a primary source of oxygen and other materials that we often use. Trees come with various benefits. It amends the environment by moderating the climate, it absorbs and cleanses the toxins in the air such as carbon dioxide, it conserves water and soil, and it protects not just humans but also the wildlife. Trees give us fruits and flowers; it also provides us shade during the warm weather and also fresh air, and it provides us with raw materials for the construction of buildings, houses and for other purposes. During typhoons, trees serve the environment as protection from flash floods. It helps preserve our soil and water by holding the soil in place to prevent soil erosion or landslides. Most of the products that are manufactured today are from the wonders of trees and shrubs. Without the existence of trees, our life would be endangered, the populace will suffer, and the economy will drastically collapse. Generally speaking, without trees people and wildlife will not stand a chance to survive.

Trees can be seen everywhere. It basically occupies the communities and other places; therefore trees are considered as a part of the society and human life. “If you will destroy the environment, you will also destroy human life,” said Albor, a Director of CARE Foundation. One way of fighting deforestation and giving back to our mother earth is by reforestation or re-planting a tree. Since trees are an important resource available, it is unavoidable for us to refrain from using woods and other raw materials from trees but, trees should be regularly planted to replace the woods taken from trees and to maintain the life that our mother earth has been supplying to us until now.

Tree planting may sound as easy as pressing a seed in the soil and sprinkling water to it every day, but this task requires preparations and timing. Activities like this could be done and facilitated by the government and school or other organizations. Each individual has their social responsibilities to protect the environment and appreciate life and healthy living. Through planting a tree, people can partake in rescuing the forest from destruction and to promote an act of awareness for the citizens, especially for the present youth and for the next generations to come. Trees are generally a crucial part of life and it is important for us to learn how to value and protect it.

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