Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Green!

Malls in the Philippines are now taking green initiatives to help save our environment. It started with SM Supermalls last 2008 with their 'Trash to Cash' program or known as 'waste market day'. Mall goers can convert their trash or recyclables into cash at any SM parking lots. Meanwhile, Ayala Malls also launched their project 'Recyclables Fair'. It started last April 2009 and still ongoing in all Ayala Malls in the Philippines. Actually tomorrow (Feb 27, 2010) Marquee Mall, an Ayala Mall in Angeles City Pampanga will start their recyclables fair "Ready, Set, Green". If you are a mall-goer, better not to miss this chance of creating a cleaner and greener environment.

Moreover, aside from malls, a lot of companies in the Philippines are also getting involved in saving our environment. To name a few, there's San Carlos Bioenergy, E-Cane Fuel Corp, SECURA International Corp, Montalban Methane Power Corp, and Energy Development Corp (EDC). These companies are all promoting the use of green technologies for a better environment. They primarily help in deriving sustainable and green energy at a cost efficient process.

Many are now involved. Are you ready to go green?

Just remember, while you save the environment, you also strengthen the economy. Whatever green activities you get involved with even in the simplest form, you can help create a big difference in the world.

By the way, do you have other go-green activities in mind for this Summer 2010?

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