Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 Green Choices

1. Commute or drive
2. Reusable bag or plastic bag
3. Meat or Vegetables
4. Disposable cups or Ceramic mugs
5. Commercial air fresheners or Baking Soda
6. Locally Produced Food or Imported Food
7. Reusable utensils or Disposable plastics
8. Print email or Don’t print email
9. Compact florescent light bulb or Halogen light bulb
10. Energy-efficient dishwasher or hand washing dishes
11. Conventional car or Hybrid car
12. Driving Fast or Following the speed limit
13. Clothes dryer or old-fashioned clothesline
14. Wash with Hot water or Warm water
15. Landfill or Biosphere Gasification Technology >>more info about this green energy

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