Friday, March 5, 2010

Energy Crisis in Mindanao

If water supply is adequate in Metro Manila despite the El Niño says water authorities, people in Mindanao (Philippines) are now having energy crisis. President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo’s action to address this crisis through invoking Section 71 of Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) is still undergoing resolution.  Mindanao having blackouts of four-twelve hours a day is totally alarming and needs an immediate resolution from government authorities. However, what’s happening now is just discussion and it’s becoming more related to May 2010 elections.  Haven’t they realized yet that people in Mindanao need a solution to their problem?

The Section 71 of the EPIRA law indicates that the President is authorized to call a special session with the Congress resulting to a joint resolution and giving certain powers to the President to take actions addressing the power crisis.  This however has gathered mixed reactions from government officials. Others say that it might be used by the President to prolong her stay in power with the proposal of placing the country under a state of emergency. Many opposes this idea and they do have a point. Could this proposal could bring electricity to the people in Mindanao?(what's the connection???). Some say the government could use mobile generating sets or power barges so that there’s no need for invoking Section 71.  For short time usage, this is applicable particularly now that Mindanao needs power sources. But if the government plans energy sources for long term purposes, alternative or renewable energy should have been considered long ago.

Perfect solution

Power shortage which happens from time to time not only in Mindanao  but in every region is just one of the problems that the Philippine government should address immediately; another is the waste problems all over the country.  Adapting the biosphere gasification technology would solve both of these problems. In San Fernando City, Pampanga (Philippines), LGU (Local Government Unit) has already taken action and considered using this technology. With biosphere technology, the wastes will undergo gasification to produce an extremely hot steam that will derive into green electricity. In this way, the garbage that Filipinos generate everyday will not go into landfills instead will be used to produce green and affordable electricity for every Filipino households and businesses.

A call to take action

This is not the time for political issues but for a stable and effective solution for everyone in Mindanao and for the entire country. Start green living. Promote green energy.

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