Monday, March 15, 2010

Fast Facts about Global Warming

1. 150,000 human deaths yearly is attributed to climate change according to World Health Organization

2. China is currently the country with highest carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Compact fluorescent light bulb uses least energy thus helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

4. It takes 100 years before carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to disperse

5. The melting of global snow and ice cover accelerates global warming.

(ref: natgeo)

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  1. The "Biosphere" is an excellant portion to the renewable energies equation.
    The "Biosphere" can be used to provide the needed energies of the "Wind Turbines", when the wind is at low velocity and provide extra energies even when the "Wind Turbines" are at peak output.
    As these energies are being produced, we are ridding the world of harmful garbage pollution at the same time.
    This is truly a "win win" situation.
    These two energy industries can work hand in hand to provide the world with
    "Clean Green Energy". "BarnBoy"