Thursday, April 8, 2010

Solving the Solid Waste Dilemma

The threat to our environment and life in general has substantially increased over the years. We cannot deny the fact that industrialization is the major cause of this problem because of increased in production. Many studies have been made on how to dispose both residential and industrial wastes and some of these are proven successful while the others are still harmful to the environment. The most popular method is recycling. However, not all of these solid wastes are recyclable thus the rest ends up on landfills. This is another problem which the government needs to think about since solid wastes on landfills take years before they decomposed.

The perfect solution

Nowadays, a lot of technologies are emerging on how to get rid of these solid wastes. Green technologies for example soared from the past few years giving the tempting by-products and investments opportunities. The most popular green technology being used is the biosphere gasification technology. It is a process wherein wastes are entered into biosphere chamber to begin the thermal transformation and derive a clean combustible gas or referred as syngas. This syngas is then used to produce electricity in a combined cycle gas/steam turbine. Then the heat generated by the process can be used to produce electricity, superheat steam, heat boiler feed water and distil/desalinate seawater.

With the biosphere technology itself, the solid wastes dilemma wouldn’t be a problem at all. Instead, it would help every country supply the increasing demand for energy which we all need for development.

All out for zero waste community

Unlike other standard gasification processes, the biosphere technology does not pollute our environment. It recycles all materials in a way that does not harm human health and our environment. The process is done in a limited-oxygen environment which limits atmospheric emissions. Many countries have already considered using this technology to solve their problems on  solid wastes and energy supply .

Take a stand. Join the zero waste campaign while we still have the time. If you have other green suggestions  onward to zero waste community, feel free to include them below. :)

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  1. Interesting! I agree with you, we should take a stand...take action to save the environment