Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The alarming truth about solar power

The world has been using solar power for about hundreds of years already. And today it is the most commonly talked form of renewable energy. Yes, it’s true that solar power is clean, sustainable and free. But do you know the alarming truth behind it? Solar energy is considered as clean energy since it does not produce any fossil fuel which destroys our environment however many environmentalists worry about the hazardous wastes from the process of making solar panels. Major amount of fossil fuels are being used just to make solar panels for one solar power. Another problem with these solar panels, their solar cells have toxic materials which cannot be recycled easily.

It seems that solar industry will soon create same problems we have with other industries. There should be an ingenious way of solving this. As what many environmentalists think, the government and solar industry need to set policies to ensure that the use of solar power does not leave waste in our environment.

The perfect alternative

Who doesn’t want to have a sustainable energy at the same time living in a zero waste community? Of course everyone dreams of this. We need unlimited source of green energy that does not pollute our environment but instead helps in saving it. The good thing is, there's a proven solution with this problem. Biosphere gasification technology is the answer, a perfect alternative for solar power. It’s a green technology that uses solid wastes to generate sustainable clean energy. Unlike other sources of energy, it does not pollute our environment, for it uses a limited-oxygen process that limits atmospheric emissions. Solid wastes wouldn’t be a problem too since all will be converted into clean energy.

This is the green technology for a cleaner and greener earth. Now think, consider, and make your choice.

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