Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Interesting Breakthrough in Energy

Green Energy (Energie verte)Image by gilderic via Flickr
There are so many interesting breakthroughs in energy nowadays. For example, the use of solid wastes to derive energy is really intriguing. It is also known as the biosphere gasification process wherein it uses high temperatures to produce clean green energy out of wastes.
It harnesses the calorific value (combustibility) of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) to create a heat source that produces super heated steam via boiler, which drives a combination stream turbine/alternator, generating green electricity. Another great thing about this technology, it doesn’t pollute the environment and about 99% of the wastes are put into use for other industries. The byproducts of biosphere technology include electricity, pozzolanic ash, carbon black and high alloy steel wire. Since its process is done in a limited-oxygen environment, it limits atmospheric emissions thereby helps in reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

With this kind of technology, both environmental and energy problems worldwide can be solved. It can decrease if not totally eliminate world’s dependence on fossil fuels. If the world is seeking for the best technology in mitigating the effects of global warming, then this is it. This is the breakthrough we are all waiting for, the solution that we all need towards a greener and cleaner world.

Why am I too blatant and enthusiastic to promote it? Because I don’t know any technology that can be as efficient, cost-effective, and environmental friendly like this one. To know more about it, watch this video: How the biosphere works?

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