Friday, June 18, 2010

Sustainable Energy for the Future

In today’s world almost everyone are very accustom to a ready access of electricity. Sometimes others don’t even think where it’s coming from or don’t even realize how much energy they consume every day. Since it’s only a secondary form of energy, in order to produce it we need our natural resources. The most commonly used is fossil fuel for it's the most abundant and low-cost energy source. However, among all other form of energy sources it’s also the highest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), thereby creates huge impact to the environment.

According to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report the atmospheric mixing ratio of CO2 has increased worldwide by about 100 ppm (36%) over the last 250 years. Just imagine if CO2 in the atmosphere continue to increase on the coming years, then maybe it would be too late for us to stop global warming. And with this problem at hand, we cannot continuously depend on fossil fuels for most of our energy consumption. We need sustainable clean energy and it should be given utmost attention nowadays or else our future is at risk.

There are various solutions available, there’s the use of renewable energy, biofuels, and other researches on science such as capturing of energy from yeast and genetically engineered bacteria. There’s probably one winning solution but the most interesting solution is the use of wastes to generate electricity. Through this technology, both problems on energy and wastes can be solved. We even don’t need to use our natural resources since it uses wastes to derive clean energy. This is known as the biosphere process or biosphere technology.

For a greener and cleaner world, let's all promote sustainable clean energy! Log on to for more information.

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