Monday, August 9, 2010

Biosphere Technology : The Biosphere Process

Biosphere Technology is a gasification process that converts wastes into green energy. Its end products also include high alloy steel wire, pozzolanic ash and black carbon. The whole biosphere process has five stages.

Stage 1: Material is collected and brought to a central Biosphere Process where 100% of the total tonnage is processed.

Stage 2: Material is sorted for recycling the biosphere separator

* Compost production (20%)
* Plastic/ Rubber recover (10%)
* Metals, glass and aggregate recovery (3%, 5%, & 8%)
* Materials burned to generate electricity (54%)

Operating at a rate of 5-8T/hours each receiving line separates materials into two feedstock streams comprising putrescible (organic) and non Putrescible (inorganic) materials if necessary.

Stage 3: All non-recycle materials is forced through the Biosphere Densifies, which compacts the materials into 20g* flakes with 15-20% moisture, (Termed Biosphere Flakes)at the rate of 5-8T/hour.These flakes fuel the Biosphere Process. (*29 = 2/3oz)

Stage 4: Biosphere Flakes are fed into Biosphere Venturi flux at 3,500 F./2,100 C. This process produces inert ash which is then recycled into concrete masonry and black carbon.

Stage 5: Gasification products in stage four power a gas turbine for Micro Power Generation.

Video courtesy of RCalderon
Ref: Green Wikia (Biosphere Gasification Process

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