Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Oil Independence Possible?

While most countries are now challenged with many environmental problems, they are as well faced to the biggest challenge of development which is to have an energy strategy that could substitute oil dependency and sustain the growing energy needs. Exploration on renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro energy has been already considered however the fact remains that these are not enough to meet the world’s growing energy demands. Of course there is also the debate regarding the cost of these alternatives if governments are going to put up large scale power plants. Now the questions are; how are we supposed to resolve the energy problem if we could not rely entirely with the above mentioned alternatives? Is oil independence really possible?

Finally, there’s a great innovation that can change the way we consume and generate energy---the Biosphere Technology. 

Biosphere Technology would allow us to rely on green energy which is more efficient with oil and far more affordable than any other renewable sources. Achieving both with biosphere technology would also means economic security not to mention the environmental benefits we could get through this technology.

A single biosphere facility can recycle up to 720 tons of garbage and destroy up to 172 tons of non-recyclable garbage per day. The technology uses gasification process where in it harnesses the calorific value (combustibility) of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) to create a heat source that produces super-heated steam via boiler, which drives a combination stream turbine/alternator thus generating green electricity.

Undeniably, the answer to energy and environmental problems is Biosphere Technology. Imagine, with this technology countries could have unlimited resource of energy while helping clean the environment. What could be better than this? However the dependence on oil will not be eliminated abruptly but it is possible. The world’s dependence on oil continues so long we remain to use oil. What every country needs to do is to invest heavily on green technologies such biosphere technology instead of exhausting resources to target oil reserves.

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