Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Google donates $4M for Environmental Education

Google has announced yesterday that the company is giving away a $4M grant to NatureBridge, an environmental education partner of National Park Service. According to the release, over a three-year period, the grant will help bring in 10,000 additional K-12 students to its residential programs, community-based environmental education training programs and can put up a hands-on training to 850 K012 teachers at the same time can provide opportunities to leverage technology both for teachers and students in the field or at home.

The grant can greatly help the outreach programs of NatureBridge thus it will significantly change many lives all over the world. As NatureBridge President and CEO Susan Smartt have said, “We know we must do more to create a world where our youth feel a personal and lifelong connection to nature, and where they are inspired to take action to care for the earth. Thanks to Google’s generosity, we will reach more underserved youth, increase the quality and relevance of our programs, and develop new and innovative ways to better serve students and support teachers.”

The $4M grant to NatureBridge is said to be part of Google’s $20M Charitable Giving Fund’s holiday giving. Other beneficiaries of Google’s grant include, ASKOKA, Bharti Foundation, Connecting Up, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, LASA, NPTech, NTEN, and UNICEF.

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