Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Long Does Trash Last?

Every time you go out, you would probably see about 2-3 kinds of non bio-degradable wastes scattered somewhere. These wastes don't decompose easily. Just imagine all the pieces of trash scattered everywhere, if piled up they are more than enough to cover an entire city. But how long do these solid wastes last?

Here's the list of trash and how long they last:

Banana Peel:                 3-4 weeks
Paper Bag:                    1 month
Cardboard:                   2 months
Cotton Rag:                  5 months
Wool Sock:                   1 year
Cigarette Butt:              2 to 5 years
Leather Boots:              40 to 50 years
Tinned Steel Can:          50 years
Rubber Sole(of a boat):  50 to 80 years
Aluminum Can:             200-500 years (But if recycled, it can be reused within 6 weeks!)
Plastic 6-pack Rings:      450 years
Disposable Diapers:        550 years
Plastic Bags:                  20-1000 years
Plastic Jug:                    1 million years
Styrofoam:                    1+ million years
Glass:                           1-2 million years

Before buying new items, think again. Think green. Remember, trash lasts a long time. And don't forget to practice proper waste management.  :)

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