Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Green Energy Challenge

The same with the basic needs of man- food, water, shelter and clothing, energy is essential to human existence. Billions of people depends on energy to achieve a better life however with the world’s growing population, we cannot deny the increasing needs of energy as well. The question remains, how do we meet this growing hunger for energy worldwide?

Many people are still holding on to what fossil fuels could offer, but is this really the answer? What about the environment that we need to protect? It is a question we must ask ourselves first before thinking about our own personal interests. It is no longer impossible nowadays to formulate ways on how to meet the demand for energy without causing harm to the environment. This is the green energy challenge we must all think about.

Developing renewable energy is one sustainable way of producing energy. The green energy produced from renewable energy sources can actually help in decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels. We are aware why we really need to lessen the consumption of fossil fuels for energy needs. Fossil fuel sources particularly oil and coal are the major contributors of greenhouse gases which cause global warming and other environmental problems. If we could provide our support on renewable energy development for green energy production then we can work together in providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions and eventually decrease the use of fossil fuels.

Waste to energy system is one example of renewable energy that we should develop. Aside from the fact that it helps in eliminating waste problems by converting these into green energy, it also helps in saving natural resources. An example of waste to energy system is the Biosphere Technology. It uses gasification process to efficiently and ecologically convert waste materials into energy and other end products.

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