Thursday, August 4, 2011

RDF, an Answer to Waste

Waste management concept is to eliminate waste on earth. If not to diminish it all, minimizing the garbage is one of the main reasons why companies and the government are working on having a safe waste management procedure. For the tons and tons of garbage that we produce every day, there are different types of waste management that is being practiced today. There are different types of waste management that is conducted to different kind of waste materials.

Waste management is not just working on eliminating waste but also to make use of waste into good use. There are different kinds of products that can be produce from waste to which it is properly created in waste management procedure. Refuse-derived fuel - RDF is one product that is being produced from waste material. It is a fuel that can be used to provide electricity. Shed and burn is the main procedure in making RDF. Municipal solid waste like plastics and biodegradable waste which are separated from metals and inert waste materials are the main components in the creation of RDF.

There are different steps in processing Refuse-derived fuel (RDF). The process may or may not include size screening, preliminary liberation, coarse shredding, magnetic separation and refining separation. There are different stages in sorting out the waste that will be use in processing Refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Recyclable materials and metals are separated from the mixture which will be sold to the market including other waste materials that won’t be used in the process.

The main concern in processing Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is the possible explosion in the area during the shredding and burning process. But it has been minimized in terms of improving the equipments that is being used and providing systems that can minimize the explosions. Explosion-suppression system is being used and proven effective in reducing explosion. Properly sorting out of waste materials before processing for Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) also helps because it hazardous and dangerous materials will be remove and not feed up to the shredder which may cause the explosion. Using equipments like slow speed shredder than high speed can also avoid possible disasters.

Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) market includes power plants which uses fuel instead of coals for their boilers to provide electricity. Cement kiln industry are also using RDF as their source of energy.  Properly managing of waste can result into good use and not just one of the problems in our planet.

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