Tuesday, September 6, 2011

E-waste Disposal

Advancement in technology is continuously growing and speeding everyday. Computers, cellular phones and electronic gadgets are becoming a trend in today’s generation. People are changing their gadgets just like the way they change their clothes. With this advancement, there has been a growth in electronic wastes and environment is at stake in this regard. Although electronic wastes can be re-used and recycled, some of the companies does not practice it and use new materials to produce new types of gadgets.

Electronic waste or sometimes called e-wastes can vary from computers, television, printers, cellular phones, fax machines and even house appliances like refrigerator, vacuum, and rice cooker. There are harmful materials in electronic wastes and environment protection and safety is much needed to save mankind. Since harmful wastes like lead, copper and zinc that are part of electronic gadgets can be a health-risk to humans who are exposed to it. Proper waste management and disposal is needed for electronic wastes and environment peace is at hand when this is conducted.

Electronic waste management can consist of re-using or recycling the material which can be done by its original manufacturer. They can buy the parts and recreate it to a new product or gadgets that they can sell to consumers. This can be cheaper since they are using the waste materials than using new ones to produce a new gadget or appliances. But safety should be ensured in managing electronic waste and environment safety should be part of it as well.

Some of the hazardous material that electronic wastes produce is lead, copper, sulphur and mercury. These are the types of electronic wastes and environment risk is very high in terms of health and safety. Not only human are affected in these harmful materials but animals as well. The effects can be as fatal as death. Reduced fertility, sickness and slower growth are some of the effects of electronic wastes and environment hazard in terms of pollution can also be part of it.

Exposure in these harmful materials that electronic waste have is not just by looking or touching it but also with the process involved in disposing of this kind of trash. Burning of electronic wastes and environment is not safe anymore. This produces the hazardous impacts on earth and health of human is at risk because of this procedure. Knowledge and information for people who are exposed to electronic wastes are needed to reduce the risk that it provides in our environment.

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  1. Nowadays, it is not just paper and plastic that can be re-purposed but electronic waste as well. This is a good thing - so that we can do something about these in order to reduce wastage.