Monday, October 10, 2011

Toxic Trip - Health Threats from Traffic Pollution

Buses and cars are some of the land transportation that causes traffic in our country. It also exudes air pollution that can be hazardous to human health. Traffic fumes that came out from vehicles are not only causing air pollution but can damage the lungs of people who are inhaling it. There is a risk of respiratory problems in the community from the smog that traffic produced. There are also studies that showed traffic pollution can be a cause of brain damage and higher risk of heart attack. Brain damage like memory loss or Alzheimer is linked to traffic pollution. It is also said that people who are living in a polluted area has lower IQ scores compared to those who live in other places that has clean air. Heart disease and other cardiovascular problems can also be derived from exposure to traffic air pollution. But it is also said that the effects of air pollution in the cardiovascular id short-lived, given that the person will not be exposed to air pollution afterwards or will change their location that has clean air.

For the health risk that air pollution is imposing on us, we should continue our fight to have clean air. We need to start from ourselves in helping our environment. We can do this by choosing alternative transportation than what we are used to. If we are going into a near location, we can just walk or ride in public transportation instead of using our private vehicles. We can also opt to use renewable energy that produces green or environment-friendly fuel to reduce air pollution in the environment. Even if there are innovations like this to lessen air pollution and more into radiating clean air it is still not enough if there are still lots of vehicles roaming in the road that will produce air pollution.

The effects of traffic are not only limited to air pollution or health risk but it also imposes other consequence like accidents and economic impact. Road rage or driving aggressively can cause accidents to people who became impatient because of traffic. Workers will be late from work because traffic ate up most of their traveling time which could make them earlier or even on time to work if there is no traffic. It is in ourselves to decide if we wanted to make a stop or add up in the traffic pollution that we have in our countries because we are the ones who make it.

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