Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Water Pollution

Water as natural resources plays a very important role in our life and environment, for it is impossible to survive without water. It is very essential to life and source of life that needs to be protected for the inhabitants of this planet and for the future generation to come. Water nurtures and helps create life and it should not be overlooked. In order for us to use water, it must be cleaned first; removing any hazardous substances that might result to the contamination of water. One of the biggest environmental problems that every country faces today is the contamination of waters all over the world. Our environment is apparently facing water pollution. Primary causes of water pollution are industry waste, chemical usage, and vehicle emissions. Every year, many people die because of various diseases and illness that are developed from polluted water. One of these diseases for example is the spread of dengue in the Philippines that target and kills mostly children.

People believes that water pollution is a serious threat to us and our environment’s health is at stake, but according to surveys, some people think that water pollution and other forms of pollution are unavoidable if it talks about the economical development and progress of the state. There could be some truth behind it, but efforts and concerns of an individual to save our environment from destruction is a big step to prevent the gradual death of our mother earth.

There are many ways to prevent water pollution. Change starts in scratches and every individual has a part to it. We can improve the health of rivers, groundwater, and drinking water if every citizen will commit and cooperate to their social and environmental responsibilities such as the simple implementation of waste management in their own house and environment. By disposing trash and putting it in its right places, you are reducing the garbage being thrown to the waters and bays that may cause clogged in drainage or contamination of water. Conserving water when running water is not necessary can also help prevent water shortages and lessen the amount of contaminated water that needs treatment.

By taking an active part regarding the health of water and ours as well, healthy living and insurance of a stable life in the future is possible. Water is life thus if we cooperate with the government by acting upon our concern to the environment, we can put water pollution as a thing of the past.

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