Monday, October 17, 2011

What Happened to Aquino's Green Agenda?

The recent climate issues that we have in the country created a huge impact in the environment. The government is now being questioned about its plans in the climate change mitigation and Adaptation Program. Anakpawis Partylist Rep. Rafael Mariano said that there is a budget for the program to which the public needs to know the short and long-term plans of the government for climate change. President Benigno Aquino III pronounced his commitment in February 2011 in the aspects of mitigating disasters in geo-hazard areas and to ensure sustainable development for climate change adaptation. The administration focused in illegal loggers which contributes a large impact in the calamities that we are experiencing. But the environmental groups believed that the legal loggers who have permits with DENR are the ones who create a huge damage in the country’s forest along with the mining activities that the government allowed in the country.

Climate change is the effect of changes in the balance of the global energy. The energy should be balanced and distributed evenly in the environment. But if there are factors and forces that affect the balance, climate change will happen. The factors can be natural occurrences like changes in solar output and it can also be man-made like greenhouse emission or pollution. We can’t really control if climate change happens because of natural process but we can manage man-made factors. Like the recent typhoons that we have, we might not control the rain and typhoon that we are experiencing but we can manage to do things to prevent floods occurrence in the country like making a stop in cutting trees in the forests. We can also limit the greenhouse emissions or pollution by means of using environment-friendly fuel or renewable energy that came from waste (e.g. RDF) instead of raw materials from natural resources.

According to the Presidential Assistant on Climate Change Elisea Gozun, the government is doing its best in terms of addressing the climate change in the country. The government recently implemented the National Greening Program which is about planting and bringing back the country’s forest reserves. National Climate Change Action Plan is also being finalized to answer the concern about the projects for the fund provided to address the climate change issue. National Renewable Energy Program of DOE is also a part of the government’s mitigation measures to save energy. The government should be given a chance and time to be able to accomplish their plans and programs to help solve the climate change that we are experiencing in the country.

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  1. Aquino should be focusing on how to help Filipinos by promoting environmental changes. His administration must take into consideration the benefits of the entire Filipino community and not only foreign investors. What will happen to the Filipino community if the Philippine environment continues to deteriorate.