Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waste to energy?

For many years we have been trying to solve the solid wastes problem in our country. But up to now, it is still a major problem that gradually destroys our environment and brings various health problems in the community. Solid waste segregation has been implemented already but it’s not the solution we need nowadays since most of these wastes don’t decompose easily, thus they just stay on landfills for many years. Just think about it, the longer these wastes stay on earth’s surface the more hazardous effects on our environment. If we don’t take action to this problem, even the future generation is at risk.

However, many green technologies are now being considered in order to solve this problem. The most talked about form of green technology is the biosphere gasification technology. With this technology waste to energy is really possible. It is a process of gasification wherein solid wastes are used to generate sustainable clean energy. With this technology, problems such as solid wastes and energy demand are both being addressed. Converting solid wastes into electricity? That is really something. Actually there are four by products of this technology, the pozzolanic ash, high alloy steel wire, carbon black, and green electricity. Unlike landfill, it does not pollute our environment. Its process is done in a limited-oxygen environment therefore also limits atmospheric emissions. 

Biosphere technology is the perfect solution if we aim for a zero waste community, not to mention the green electricity that it will generate for the public. 

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