Thursday, January 20, 2011

Environmental Movement

What many countries aspire nowadays is to improve the way we consume and generate energy to finally decrease our dependence on fossil fuels particularly on oil. The use of biofuels, researches on science including capturing of energy from yeast and genetically engineered bacteria, and conversion of wastes into green energy has been considered to fight global warming and other environmental problems. The other things that nations have been doing, have to do with raising public awareness about issues, developing really interesting proposals for dealing with these issues, lobbying to get them enacted into law, litigating to get the law effectively carried forward. However, as many environmentalists say, it takes both individual actions and government legislation to save our planet from devastation brought by global warming. In the process it all ends up with exploration of the alternatives.

But really, what choice do we have other than alternatives? Many countries are still having problems with their regulations and implementation regarding environmental conservation. The only feasible way then is to stick with the wiser and greener choice which is alternatives. And what are these alternatives? These are what we call the renewable energy sources and green technologies that serve to be great tools for world’s environmental movement.

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