Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Downside of Oil

Fossil fuels- Humanity's most disruptive source of energy
Traditional energy sources particularly energy from fossil fuels like oil can be disruptive. The continuous increase of oil prices creates impact to the economy thus affecting socio-economic development of each community. Not to mention the disturbing effects of oil to our natural environment, which is yet another crucial problem the government needs to address.

Aside from its increasing price, its adverse effects to the environment even prove that we can no longer rely to oil for our future energy needs. It is no longer stable source of energy which is why we should develop our renewable energy sources. For if we continue to use fossil fuels for our energy, the further damages we create into our natural environment. Oil emits greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming and other ecological concerns.

Moreover, the unstable prices of oil only cause problems to consumers particularly the end market or the individuals affected by inflation and economic depression brought by high prices of oil. The increase of oil also means the price increase of almost everything. But if we replace oil to alternative energies, we can definitely have a cheaper source of energy. We, the consumers will no longer be hurt by unstable prices of oil not to mention the health and environmental benefits of using alternative energy.

We will only remain dependent on oil for as long as we use it. We will continue to suffer economic disruptions until we learn to embrace the safe and stable alternative energy source, which is in fact the green and wiser energy choice.

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