Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 Green Solutions for Climate Change

Climate change is one of the challenges that our environment is facing. It is the change in the pattern of the weather over a long period of time, mostly decades or centuries. But with the pollution and improper use of energy by people, we are facing a faster climate change which can be harmful for everyone. But of course as with every problem, there is a solution. There are sustainable solutions that we can do to be able to slow or even stop climate change. That is, if everyone will cooperate and do their part for the world. Sustainable solutions are the ways that we can do for the environment that won’t be using or compromising the future needs. It is like avoidance of the negative things that might happen like climate change and in return, it can sustain what we will be using for the future. Here are the top ten ways that we can consider as sustainable solutions for climate change:

1. Walk. God has given us two legs to be able to walk and run. We should use these two legs to walk instead of riding on a car. Transportation can be considered as one of the leading source of pollution and greenhouse effect because of the fuel that it uses. If we walk, we can help stop climate change and be fit as well.

2. Save energy. If there is no good thing to watch on TV, don’t waste time moving from one channel to another. We can just turn it off and do something else that won’t require electricity like sleeping or reading a book using daylight instead of turning on the lights. Sustainable solutions can be as simple as turning off the TV and thus, we can help eliminate climate change.

3. Use green energy. Just like saving energy, we can use energy that came from sustainable energy sources, such as waste-to-energy sources, solar power, hydropower and other renewable sources. Like reading in the morning so we can use daylight instead of our lamps or lights.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables can be eaten as it is and does not need cooking which can save gas or fuel that we use for cooking. Also, unlike meat, we can cook vegetables quicker.

5. Manage our garbage. We can recycle some of our waste instead of throwing it all to the trash. If there’s a lot of trash that we bury in landfills, it will produce methane which can be harmful in the environment and cause climate change as well.

6. Family Planning. Even if we really love kids and wants as much as we can produce, having less children in the household can stop the growing population and thus, we can still sustain our world for the generations to come.

7. Travel less. We can still have our relaxation and breaks in our abode. Going to different places that might require air travel will also use fuel and add up to climate change. We can travel once in a while but not too much to save our world.

8. Architectural Design. This can help if the infrastructure that architects design will provide enough air and light that can minimize the use of air conditioner or lights in a building. With these, we can avoid consumption of energy and be part of the sustainable solution to stop climate change.

9. Be well informed. We should be aware of new technologies that we can use which promotes the fight against climate change.

10. Inform others. If we know things that can help support the fight against climate change, we can help by informing others as well so they can participate in helping our environment.

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