Monday, July 4, 2011

Significance of Organic Food Consumption to the Environment

Food is part of our daily lives. We have different kinds of foods which are meat, vegetables, fruits, root crops and others. Some food is considered healthy and some are not. Some foods can help us maintain a healthy body and some can provide us with different kinds of disease. If we don't watch out our diets, we might not see ourselves getting old. Nowadays, many people are really into making themselves fit and healthy. Even celebrities are promoting different kinds of diet just to make them fit and stay young. There is a kind of food that we have now that most people are consuming which is the organic food.

Organic foods are believed to be healthier than non-organic or conventional type of foods. The processing of organic foods are said to be natural since there is no chemical involved in producing this kind of food. There are no additives or preservatives in this kind of food. It is also grown in organic farms. Organic foods are naturally grown so the nutrients and mineral are still intact in the food to which human can eat. Organic foods are believed to provide better health to human. Aside from that, since organic foods do not use pesticide or chemicals while grown (to which, some studies claims that it still has some chemicals in it) it helps to  the environmental protection. It provides protection to soil from erosion and lessens the burden in the environment. From the word "organic" we can tell that it is pro-nature and it means that it can sustain the environment for future use. If people are healthy because of eating organic foods, then there will be less sickness and less use of medicine. To which, we can prevent using our natural resources to be able to sustain it or future generations.

Organic foods can also save us some money especially if we grow it in our own gardens. It is believed that there is about 20% less cost from growing organic foods that buying conventional foods from supermarkets. We can also ensure the safety of our foods if it is grown in our own backyards. Organic gardening also needs to use organic things from the seeds to fertilizers. Even the pest control that we use from organic gardening needs to be organic as well. From these resources, organic foods are believed by experts to have more nutrition than the conventional type of foods.

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